Sub-Section 3-490-10 - Paramedic Academy Curriculum

CMH EMS Education Manual


Provide specialty core and support courses to ensure the achievement of program goals and learning domains and to meet or exceed the content and competency demands of the latest edition of the National EMS Education Standards.


The paramedic program will use the National EMS Education Standards.

Specifically, the current edition curriculum and textbooks from AAOS (published by Jones and Bartlett) will be utilized for paramedic courses. All chapters are included with the exception of the following:

Books included with tuition:

The current edition of the textbook used is "Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets - 8th Edition" with "Navigate 2 Advantage Package."

ISBN: 9781284457025
Textbook for Anatomy and Physiology courses includes, "Anatomy & Physiology - 10th Edition."

ISBN: 9780323528900
Textbook for Cardiology units includes, "12-Lead ECG for Acute and Critical Care Providers."

ISBN: 9780133824124
Reference guide for ACLS and PALS includes, "AHA Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers."

ISBN: 9781616697662
Textbook for ACLS course includes, "AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Manual."

ISBN: 9781616694005
Textbook for PALS course includes, "AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider Manual."

ISBN: 9781616695990
"Lights & Sirens: The Education of a Paramedic."

ISBN: 9780425275238
"People Care: Perspectives and Practices for Professional Caregivers - 3rd edition."

ISBN: 9781616695990

Books issed to students during the Academy that will be returned at the end of each course:

"All Hazards Disaster Response - Course Manual."

ISBN: 9781284180503
"AMLS: Advanced Medical Life Support."

ISBN: 9781284196115
"Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services."

ISBN: 9781449641917
"Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association - Seventh Edition (2020)."

ISBN: 9781433832178
"TECC: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care."

ISBN: 9781284483871
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Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
10/31/20Moved online.
11/16/20pdfUpdated textbooks for the 2021 paramedic academy (AHA new versions, changed 12-lead book, added Lights and Siren)
12/27/20pdfAdded conversation about the textbook chapters that are not covered in the 2021 course.

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