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Each student will be required to complete an applied research project. This project will equip students with the ability to problem solve, conduct EMS research, and present solutions to supervisors. These skills are critical to promote evidence-based change in the EMS profession.

The Applied Research Project is to be completed using correct APA citations, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Each of the phases are to be completed during the assigned trimester by the assigned deadline. Specific deadlines can be found in the appropriate course description.

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Course Due Dates Description
NA EMS 501 (Paramedicine I) NA No research project assignment this trimester.
Part 1 EMS 511 (Paramedicine II) Part 1 is due at mid-term.
Additionally, the problem statement is usually due around week four (4).
Describe the problem, provide background information, perform a literature review, and cite references.
Refer below for grading rubric and more detailed instructions.
Part 2 EMS 511 (Paramedicine II) Part 2 is due at end-of-term.
Additionally, the purpose statement is usually due around week eight (8) and research questions are usually due around week 12.
Describe the purpose of your original research, define your research questions, and design your research tools to gather your own data.
Refer below for grading rubric and more detailed instructions.
Part 3 EMS 521 (Paramedicine III) Part 3 is due at mid-term. Generate new and original research data and discuss your results.
Refer below for grading rubric and more detailed instructions.
Part 4 EMS 521 (Paramedicine III) Part 4 is due at end-of-term.
Additionally, the presentation is usually scheduled near end-of-term.
Develop recommendations based on your findings, briefly present those findings to administration, and summarize your entire project in an abstract suitable for presentation to executive leadership.
Refer below for grading rubric and more detailed instructions.

Resources can be found in numerous locations and details will be provided in class. Sources available from CMH EMS:

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10/31/20Moved online.
11/16/20pdfAdjusted research project assignments for the 2021 Paramedic Academy. Instead of three parts (one for each trimester), only the last two trimesters have research assignments.
12/28/20pdfStarted work on moving all the details for each ARP part to this document from the individual trimester courses. Still have work to do on adjusting from three parts to four parts.
12/29/20pdfCreated sub-sections A, B, C, and D to add specific instructions and grading rubric forms for each part of the ARP.

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