Sub-Section 3-490-54 - Paramedic Student Clinical Evaluation Card

CMH EMS Education Manual

Thank you for being a preceptor for a CMH paramedic student.

For the student to get credit for completing this clinical shift, an evaluation must be completed by you.

Please go to the following link and complete the shift evaluation.

Student name:
Clinical date:
Time in: Time out:

School contact for exposure or other reasons:
Theron Becker 417-597-3688.

Paramedic students are encouraged and allowed to perform the following skills:

  • Advanced assessments
  • 12-lead acquisition and interpretation
  • Pharyngeal, blind-insertion, endotracheal, and cricothyrotomy airways
  • Upper airway and tracheal suctioning
  • CPAP and BiPAP
  • Establish IV and IO access
  • Maintain and utilize port or central line access
  • Administration of any medication by any route
  • Perform cardioversion, manual defibrillation, and transcutaneous pacing
  • Manage adult cardiac arrests
  • Manage the following TCD patients: STEMI, Stroke, or Sepsis

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