CMH EMS Education

The mission of the CMH EMS Education Department is to provide state-of-the-art education to develop and support a team of exceptional emergency medical professionals.

The CMH EMS Education Department is a division of the CMH EMS Department.

Some of the education programs we offer:

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Number Name
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8-18 Classroom training hours
8-36 Clinical training hours
8-45 Student satisfaction of course
8-54 Student satisfaction of instructor
8-63 Clinical evaluation scores

Academy pass rates and initial education outcomes:

The retention (pass rate), written examination (CBT), and job placement (Employed in EMS) thresholds set by the CoAEMSP are 70%.

License Level All years 2016 Academy
(graduated in 2017)
2017 Academy
(graduated in 2018)
2018 Academy
(graduated in 2019)
2019 Academy
(graduated in 2020)
Paramedic No graduates during the 2017 reporting year. No graduates during the 2018 reporting year.

Other paramedic education programs in the area with links directly to pass rate statistics (when possible) for comparison:

Classroom Status Display Board Main page.