Sub-Section 3-490-60 - EMS 516 (Paramedicine Clinical Experience II) Course

CMH EMS Education Manual


Enrollment in the Paramedic Academy.


178 contact hours - 11 credit hours

Course Description, Goals, and Objectives:

Refer to overall Paramedic Academy description, goals, and objectives in Sub-Section 3-490-02 - Paramedic Academy Goal

This course provides an opportunity for paramedic students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations and patients. Included in this course are advanced airway skills, geriatric patient assessments, and cardiac patient assessments. Additionally, assessment and treatment of emergency room patients are included in this course.

If the minimum number of patient assessments and skills listed in Sub-Section 3.490.48 - Paramedic Academy Clinical Requirements are not completed by the end of the minimum hours required, additional hours must be scheduled to meet the contact requirements.

Methods of Evaluation:

Refer to Sub-Section 1-560-16 - Student Evaluations and Section 2-520 - Academic Criteria: Grading and Examination Policies.

Competencies Required for Completion:

Topic Outline:

Section Prerequisites Skills Focus Minimum Hours
Anesthesia Start second trimester Supraglottic airways and endotracheal intubations 0 hours
Psychiatric Unit Start second trimester Psychiatric assessments 12 hours
Emergency Room Successfully complete the ACLS course and must have done at least one shift in Anesthesia with at least one successful live human intubation Patient assessments and all skills 136 hours
Cardiac Cath Lab Complete Cardiovascular Emergencies module Patient assessments and cath lab procedure observation 8 hours
Walk-In Clinic Complete Obstetrics and Pediatrics chapters and successfully complete PALS course Pediatric assessments 10 hours
Labor and Delivery Complete Obstetrics and Pediatrics chapters and successfully complete PALS course Pediatric assessments and childbirth observations 12 hours


Psychiatric Unit:

Emergency Room:

Cardiac Cath Lab:

Walk-In Clinic:

Labor and Delivery:

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