Section 0-190 - Approval Signatures

CMH EMS Education Manual

This document is only valid for two years after the correstponding signatures dates below. Official copies of signatures are on file with Theron Becker at Citizens Memorial Hospital.

Title Name Signature Date Notes
Medical Director Andy Nicholes, DO 2020-4-21 0:0
Signature expires in 3 months
PHS Clinical Chief (Education Program Director) Theron Becker 2022-01-14 12:01
Signature expires in 24 months

Refer to Sub-Section 0-190 - Hard-Copy Signature Form.

Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
07/17/19Changed document number from 0.330 to 0.190
04/21/20pdfUpdated medical director. Several pending changes with new paramedic lead instructor, COVID changes, and new semester getting ready to start. Those changes will need to happen in version 15.
08/22/20Moved this section to the online format.
01/02/21pdfChanged format from version signatures to datestamp signatures.

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