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Paramedic Articulation Agreement between Southwest Baptist University and Citizens Memorial Hospital

This Agreement is entered into between Citizens Memorial Hospital (hereinafter CMH), and Southwest Baptist University (hereinafter SBU). This agreement and any amendments and supplements, shall be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Missouri.

CMH has established a Paramedic training program, and SBU has established an A.A.S. in Emergency Medical Technology - Paramedical program, and will facilitate credit transfer and provide a smooth transition from one related program to another. It is mutually agreed:

Admission Requirements

  1. SBU's admission and program admission requirements apply to both direct entry students and to students who transfer under this agreement.
  2. The student must meet admission requirements that exist at the time of application in order to obtain entry to SBU (which may or may not be different from those in place at the time of this agreement).

Transfer of Credits

  1. SBU will accept 45 credits from CMH.
  2. Courses will transfer as described in the attached Program Articulation Table once the student demonstrates successful completion of the Paramedic certification exam.

Implementation and Review

  1. The Chief Academic Officers or designees of the parties to this agreement will implement the terms of this agreement, including identifying and incorporating any changes into subsequent agreements, assuring compliance with system policy, procedure and guidelines, and conducting a periodic review of this agreement.
  2. This Articulation Agreement is effective on the date signed below and shall remain effective until terminated or amended by either party with 90 days prior written notice.
  3. The college and university shall work with students to resolve the transfer of courses should changes to either program occur while the agreement is in effect.
  4. When a student notifies SBU of their intent to follow this agreement, SBUn will encode course waivers and substitutions.

Program Articulation Table

Section A - Course Transfer Credits

Course prefix, number, and name Credits Course prefix, number, and name Credits
EMS 501 - Paramedicine I 16 PAR - 1004 - Introduction to Paramedic Science The paramedic block is credited as a single block of courses and does not break out on a course-by-course basis.
EMS 506 - Paramedicine Clinical Experience I 5 PAR 1005 - Clinical and Field Experience I
EMS 511 - Paramedicine II 8 PAR 2004 - Medical Emergencies
EMS 516 - Paramedicine Clinical Exerience II 12 PAR 1105 - Clinical and Field Experience II
EMS 521 - Paramedicine III 8 PAR 1104 - The Trauma Patient
PAR 2014 - Operational Management
EMS 526 - Paramedicine Field Experience 6 PAR 2005 - Clinical and Field Experience III
EMS 536 - Paramedicine Field Internship 9 PAR 2015 - Clinical and Field Experience IV

Special notes, if any: The above courses will be accepted as transfer credit, which would be eligible to apply as elective credit to any degree, which allows for elective credit. In order to receive the A.A.S. in Emergency Medical Technology - Paramedical, the student would need to complete the following requirements.

Section B - Degree Requirements

Course prefix, number, and name Credits Course prefix, number, and name Credits
BIB 1013 - Old Testament History 3
BIB 1023 - New Testament History 3
CIS 1103 - Computer and Info Mgmt 3
COM 2393 - Interpersonal Comm 3
ENG 1113 - English Comp I 3
ENG 2213 - English Comp II 3
HPE 1162 / KIN 1162 - Wellness 2
Humanities Course (from approved list) 3
Social Studies Course (from approved list) 6
SPF 2012 - Spiritual Formation 2

Special notes, if any:

Agreement Signatures

  1. In witness thereof, the parties have executed this agreement on the date below.

  2. For Southwest Baptist University:
    J. Lee Skinkle, Provost

  3. For Citizens Memorial Hospital:
    Gary Fulbright, CEO

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