Section 1-110 - Clinical Agreements (other schools to CMH)

CMH EMS Education Manual

Note: Copies of signed documents are kept on file with the Pre-Hospital Services Clinical Chief at Citizens Memorial Hospital.


Link Agency Date signed by agency Date signed by CMH Notes
1-110-08 Boone County Fire Protection District 9/1/11 8/23/11
1-110-16 Central Jackson County Fire Protection District
1-110-24 Crowder College
1-110-32 Ebenezer Fire Protection District
1-110-40 Jim Bayer
1-110-48 LifeStar
1-110-56 Morrisville Fire Protection District
1-110-64 Ozarks Technical Community College 5/6/09 5/22/09
1-110-72 South Howell County Ambulance District
1-110-80 Willard Fire Protection District
1-110-88 University of Missouri Health Care EMS Insitute

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