Section 1-200 - Medical Director

CMH EMS Education Manual


Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
01/21/16pdfAdded link to reference Section 7.120 - MO BEMS documents
04/11/17pdfCorrected a typo on 1.600.50.
07/11/17Added responsibilities and qualifications for NAEMT PHTLS. Modified appointment and acceptance letters from Dr. Roger Merk to Dr. Megan Carter. Added new CoAEMSP change in medical director form for Dr. Carter. Changed all licenses and certifications to Dr. Carter.
09/10/18pdfMoved all curriculum vitae and licenses/certifications copies to another document.
07/17/19Changed document number from 1-600 to 1-200
08/23/19pdfAdded Mr. Babb signature to appointment letter.
09/09/19pdfAdded scanned signatures for new medical director.
04/15/20pdfAdded Dr. Nicholes as medical director.
10/12/20Moved this section to the online format.

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