Section 2-520 - Academic Criteria: Grading and Examination Policies

CMH EMS Education Manual

Students may be assigned homework during the course. Homework may consist of essay papers, reading assignments, take-home quizzes, practical evolutions, etc. Assignments must be turned in by the due date. Late work will not be accepted. Students will not be allowed to take a quiz, test, or exam early for any reason.

The grade for each course is determined by attendance, quizzes, written exams, practical exams, and/or final exams; thus reflecting mastery of the course material based on the percentage of the total points scored as being correct. For continuing education courses without exam or other grading mechanism, grades will be assessed by percentage of content the student was present for.

Grades will be determined as follows:

Grade Percentage Minimum Percentage Maximum Comments
A+ Above 96.7%
A 93.3% 96.6%
A- 90.0% 93.2%
B+ 86.7% 89.9%
B 83.3% 86.6%
B- 80.0% 83.2% Minimum overall grade to be eligible for Academy certification test (i.e. NREMT) and minimum grade for employee competence.
C+ 76.7% 79.9%
C 73.3% 76.6%
C- 70.0% 73.2% Minimum passing grade on any single test or significant course activity.
F Below 70.0% Not a passing grade. Course attendance certificate will be issued (not a successful course completion certificate).

Refer to specific course syllabus that will articulate the required course work, assignments, and specific requirements.

If the student misses an exam (practical or written), the student shall receive a score of zero unless the absence is excused by the Education Coordinator or Lead Instructor. Students will be allowed to retest once for each final practical station failed. Questions regarding test failure should be directed to the Lead Instructor.

All students will be under constant evaluation for the duration of the course. This will include the listed written testing as well as practical examinations. Students may have a practical check-off sheet that must be completed for course completion. The Medical Director may review all evaluations, written and practical test results, and skill performance sheets at his/her convenience.

Extra credit worksheets or quizzes may be given at any time during class. All extra credit work is voluntary. Any student wishing to complete extra credit work shall have it turned in on time.

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