Sub-Section 2-600-66 - Patient Protection and Student Vaccinations

CMH EMS Education Manual

Student vaccination requirements:

Students with a diagnosed communicable disease (i.e. common cold, influenza, COVID, hepatitis, herpes or cold sore, HIV-related illness, etc.):

Undiagnosed illnesses with a fever:

Student attendance requirements will not be waived for illness, however, allowances for makeup and/or virtual attendance may be allowed. These allowances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the lead instructor. Students will be expected to study and practice on his/her own time to maintain skill levels.

Additional or elevated requirements may be needed based on current community outbreak or pandemic situations. Refer to guidance by the Centers for Disease Control, local public health agencies, Citizens Memorial Hospital Infection Control Department, and the course lead instructor in these situations.

Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
08/21/20Moved online.
11/13/21pdfAdded requirements for influenza and covid vaccinations for students.
12/13/21pdfClarified exemption options for covid vaccinations.

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