Sub-Section 3-490-24 - Paramedic Academy Military Advanced Placement

CMH EMS Education Manual

In accordance with Missouri Regulations 19 CSR 30-40.331 and 19 CSR 30-40.342, CMH will provide advanced placement into the Paramedic Academy for active duty and honorably discharged military personnel. The intent of these regulatory changes is to provide recognition of the EMS training and experience obtained during military service.

Advanced placement consideration is available to all active duty or honorably discharged personnel of all branches of the Armed Forces including the National Guard and Reserves.

To take advantage of these provisions, the individual must be currently licensed as an EMT in the state of Missouri. Refer to the Missouri Bureau of EMS website ( Missouri BEMS requires licensure within two (2) years after honorable discharge or during active duty.

Once accepted into CMH Paramedic Academy, your EMS knowledge, skills, and abilities may be assessed for advanced placement. Assessment is not required for the following Military Occupational Specialties:

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