Sub-Section 3-490-32 - Paramedic Academy Retake Advanced Placement

CMH EMS Education Manual

Paramedic Academy students that have failed previous attempts may return into the paramedic academy following this procedure. Students must complete the following:

Upon acceptance into the program, the written and practical exams will be completed for all previously completed courses where a score of greater than 80% was originally attained. If the retest results are greater than 70%, the student will not need to retake that course and the previous grade will be used in the new academy. Courses where the original score was less than 80%, the entire course will need to be retaken.

All candidates must successfully complete all requirements of all clinical, field experience, and field internship courses before being eligible to test for National Registry testing. Adjustments to tuition requirements will also be made based on the results of the gap analysis.

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