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Applied Research Project - Part 1 of 4 - Instructions:

Part one of the Applied Research Project focuses on describing an EMS problem. The completed part one of the Applied Research Project should be submitted in an electronic format (Microsoft Word is preferred). There is no minimum number of pages, but correct APA citations and bibliography, spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected.

A formatted document with all the sections created has been made for you to basically just fill in the blanks. Download the template here:

The following sections must be included:

Applied Research Project - Part 1 of 4 - Grading Rubric:

Date graded:

Student's name:

Paper title:

Evaluator's name:

Section Sub-Section Possible Score Score Given Comments for improvement
All sections
(13% of grade)
Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The score is based on the number of errors per number of words. 6
Correct sentence structure. The score is based on the calculated reading grade level and the Grammarly score. 3
Original content. The score is based on the percent of plagiarized words found with Grammarly. 3
Correct APA format of citations throughout paper. 1
Problem Section
(25% of grade)
Problem: Identify your problem statement. The problem should be very specific and have a practical significance to your own organization. It should also be interesting to you. The problem statement should be limited to one sentence. Focus on the present and do not analyze causes at this point. An example might be, "The problem is CMH EMS is not able to provide medications that require refrigeration."
Problem statement clearly defined. 9
Problem statement specific. 8
Problem statement has practical significance. 8
Background and Significance Section
(25% of grade)
Background and significance: Describe the background and history of the problem in the student's organization. Present the significance of the problem in your organization from a past, present, and probable future impact on organizational effectiveness or patient care.
Clear and complete background analysis of the problem provided. 9
Sufficient evidence provided to justify study from an organizational perspective. 9
Includes past, present, and probable future impacts. 7
Literature Review
(25% of grade)
Literature review: Provide a summary of critical findings of others who have published documents related to the problem statement.
Sufficiently comprehensive. 13
Findings are presented logically and clearly. 12
(12% of grade)
References: Include a reference list in APA format. References may be from any source, but at least a few of them should be scholarly (not a website, not a trade journal, etc.). Great scholarly sources come from peer-reviewed journals within the past five years.
Correct APA format of reference section. 2
Sources are current. 4
At least a few sources are from peer reviewed journals. 6

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