Sub-Section 3-490-76 - Paramedic Academy Terminal Competency Form

CMH EMS Education Manual

Citizens Memorial Hospital - Emergency Medical Services Education Department hereby certifies that the candidate listed below has successfully completed all the terminal competencies required for graduation from the Paramedic education program as a minimally competent, entry-level Paramedic and as such is eligible for State and National Certification written and practical examination in accordance with our published policies and procedures.

Name of graduate:

Program requirements successfully and fully completed on:

Program Director signature:

Medical Director signature:

Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
10/31/20Moved online
05/04/21pdfAligned all Platinum adaptive requirements to the same level in all documents across EMT and paramedic curriculum. One exceptional and all good is the indication for success.
04/19/22pdfAdded the option for adaptive requirements to be on an individual test or cumulative results.
08/26/22pdfAdded checklist item for minimum of 1000 contact hours as required by MO regulations.

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