Ozarks Community Services Trading Cards

The Ozarks Community Services Trading Cards are designed as an employee retention and just a fun project for community services, emergency services, healthcare, and public health professionals in Southwest Missouri. Contact ka5yth@gmail.com if you are interested in adding your agency's staff.

Symbol Color Description
White Healthcare and Medical Agencies
Red Fire and Rescue Agencies
Blue Law Enforcment Agencies
Yellow Communications and Support Agencies
Green Public Health Agencies

Card Back:

Card List:

ImageCard # Edition Color Agency Number of Cards in Circulation ↓
00232023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar1
00052023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00062023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00072023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - EMS Education23
00102023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00112023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Hickory23
00122023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00142023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00172023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00192023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00202023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00222023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Hickory23
00242023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Hickory23
00252023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00262023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00272023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00282023-01RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
00292023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00302023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00312023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00322023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00332023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00342023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00352023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00362023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - NA23
00372023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00382023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Hickory23
00392023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00402023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Hickory23
00412023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Cedar23
00422023-02WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00432023-02RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
00442023-02YellowPolk County Central Dispatch23
00452023-02YellowPolk County Central Dispatch23
00462023-02BlueBolivar Police Department23
00472023-02BlueBolivar Police Department23
00482023-02BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
00492023-02BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
00502023-02BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
00512023-02RedHalfway Fire and Rescue23
00742023-02RedBolivar City Fire Department23
00752023-02RedHalfway Fire and Rescue23
00762023-02RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
00782023-02RedCedar County First Responders23
00792023-02BlueCedar County Sheriffs Department23
00802023-02RedCentral Hickory Fire Rescue23
00812023-02RedIconium Fire Protection District23
00822023-02RedPreston Volunteer Fire Department23
00842023-03BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
00852023-03YellowPolk County Central Dispatch23
00862023-03BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
00882023-03BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
00892023-03YellowPolk County Central Dispatch23
00902023-03RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
00912023-03RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
00922023-03RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
00932023-03RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
00942023-03RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
00952023-03RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
00962023-03YellowPolk County Central Dispatch23
00972023-03YellowPolk County Central Dispatch23
00982023-03RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
00992023-03RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01002023-03YellowPolk County Central Dispatch23
01012023-04BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
01022023-04BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
01032023-04BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
01042023-04BluePolk County Sheriffs Office23
01052023-04BluePleasant Hope Police Department23
01062023-04RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01072023-04RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01082023-04RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01092023-04RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
01102023-04RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
01112023-04BluePleasant Hope Police Department23
01122023-04BlueFair Play Police Department23
01132023-04BluePleasant Hope Police Department23
01142023-04RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01152023-04BluePleasant Hope Police Department23
01162023-04BlueBolivar Police Department23
01192023-04RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01202023-04RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01212023-04RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
01222023-04RedDunnegan Rural Fire Department23
01232023-05WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
01242023-05WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Mobile Integrated Healthcare23
01252023-06WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - NA23
01262023-06RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
01272023-06RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
01282023-06RedHumansville Fire and Rescue23
01292023-06WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
01302023-06WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
01312023-07WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Administration Hospital23
01322023-07WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk23
00012023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Polk24
00022023-01RedBolivar City Fire Department24
00032023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Administration24
00042023-01WhiteCitizens Memorial Hospital - Pre-Hospital Hickory24

Card Counts:


Staff in DatabaseUnique CardsPercent of Staff with CardsCards in Circulation
Bolivar City Fire Department3027%47
Bolivar Police Department9333%69
Cedar County First Responders2614%23
Cedar County Sheriffs Department2314%23
Central Hickory Fire Rescue1816%23
Citizens Memorial Hospital1224033%901
Dunnegan Rural Fire Department261142%253
Fair Play Police Department2150%23
Halfway Fire and Rescue7229%46
Humansville Fire and Rescue181372%299
Iconium Fire Protection District5120%23
Pleasant Hope Police Department9444%92
Polk County Central Dispatch15747%161
Polk County Sheriffs Office131077%230
Preston Volunteer Fire Department1816%23

Colors (i.e. Discipline):

Staff in DatabaseUnique CardsPercent of Staff with CardsCards in Circulation
White (Healthcare/Medical)1224033%901
Red (Fire/Rescue)1403223%737
Blue (Law Enforcement)1351914%437
Yellow (Comms/Support)13775%161
Green (Public Health)000%0

Editions (i.e. Print Date):

Unique CardsCards in Circulation
Total of ALL Cards982236

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