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CMH EMS Education Manual


Change Log:

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Description of change
01/18/16Updated all position titles based on current personnel in place. Replaced references to Pre-Hospital with EMS. Re-numbered and formatted entire document to align with other EMS department document standards.
01/26/17pdfAdded mission statements and logo.
02/15/17Several additions of policies and documents to comply with CoAEMSP accreditation application.
05/08/17Added QR codes throughout document where internet links were already located.
07/17/19This version represents a significant change in this document. A re-organization was done where the previous format was based on Missouri BEMS accreditation and the new format is based on Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs accreditation.
07/17/19pdfCompleted major revisions after attending Accreditcon. Replaced all instances of Clinical Education Officer with Field Training Officer.
07/31/19Changed all references to “semester” to “trimester” to more accurately describe the annual schedule. Changed medical director to Gustavo Nix.
08/01/19Changed medical director to Tony Cauchi.
01/15/20pdfAdvisory Committee approved and endorsed changes.
08/22/20Removed Section 0-570 - Online Location

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CMH EMS Education Mission: "Provide state-of-the-art education to develop and support a team of exceptional emergency medical professionals."
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