Section 3-350 - EMT Academy

CMH EMS Education Manual

This section serves as the course syllabus for the EMT Academy. A maximum of nine (9) students will be accepted into each EMT Academy.


Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
01/21/16pdfAdded specifics for the curriculum used.
07/08/16Modified when ID badge should be worn. Added comment that other clinical sites can be considered. Added program prerequisites and program details sections (including generic timeline). Added application form.
08/15/16Added public health clinical requirements.
08/17/16Added simulation activity requirements.
10/20/16Reduced 9-1-1 clinical time to 6 hours. Added prerequisites for starting different clinicals. Added deadlines to complete clinical hours. Added criminal history consent form.
01/29/17pdfReduced dispatch clinical requirement to four hours.
02/01/17Changed “EMS Academy” to “EMT Academy.”
03/03/17pdfModified course timelines to be more generic with alignment to weeks only and reference to annual calendar section.
03/06/17Added CoAEMSP definition of EMT. Added comment to functional abilities that job requirements are often higher. Moved general clinical requirements (patient contacts) to general section.
04/04/17Added SBU Articulation Agreement details for transferring credits. Added comment than you may take FISDAP unit tests twice.
04/12/17Adjusted tuition details to reflect updated costs and aligned deadlines with course start dates.
04/13/17Updated terminal competency form to be more useful after using it with current EMT Academy.
05/08/17Removed references to DT4EMS as we will no longer be offering this course. Changed references from EVDT to EVOS. Changed references from TCCC to TECC.
06/13/17Updated background check authorization form for the new company human resources is using.
07/11/17Added affective domain evaluation at midterm and final.
07/14/17Changed textbooks from Pearson to Jones and Bartlett (AAOS).
07/21/17pdfUpdated courses, timelines, and chapters according to J&B Curriculum.
08/28/17Added section 6.360.34 to indicate credit for experiential learning will not be given for EMT Academy.
09/01/17Updated prerequisites for clinical sites based on new curriculum.
11/28/17Updated course schedule based on suggestions from current academy.
01/07/18Removed attendance requirement and removed minimum FISDAP score. Added 70% completion rate to graduation requirements.
01/11/18Changed course numbers to EMS 100 and EMS 102 to align with BTC courses.
05/15/18pdfAdded skill requirements similar to they way they are listed for Paramedic Academy. Added NAEMT EMS Safety course. Upgraded NAEMT EVOS course to two-day. Removed 9-1-1 clinical requirements. Updated BEMS skills verification form (removed mouth-to-mask and added supraglottic).
06/19/18pdfUpdated schedule for 2018 EMT Academies
08/22/18Updated schedule for moving EMT chapter quizzes to the class period after lecture. Modified clinical hours to be 24 ER and 48 ambulance. Also added the first draft of the Rick Seiner Scholarship Program.
09/10/18Added guide on how to succeed on FISDAP exams. Updated EMS 100 course schedule. Changed EMS 102 hours to more heavily weight ambulance time. Changed terminology for curriculum to National EMS Education Standards.
01/15/19pdfAdded comment to clinical requirements that the student must maintain passing status to attend clinical rotations. Added specification of AHA version of BLS CPR is required before clinicals. Added comment that live patient contacts in FISDAP must include medical record number.
05/14/19pdfAdded contact information to clinical evaluation card in case of student exposure. Added program administration manual familiarization test to the third week of class.
07/17/19Changed document number from 6-360 to 3-350
07/17/19pdfAdded Barron’s EMT Test Prep to the textbook list. Updated class dates to reflect 2019 dates. Clarified deadlines for clinicals to be one semester after completion of the Academy. Added form to facilitate grade communication between instructors and program director. Updated terminal competency form. Added details of students that already have certificates such as BLS, NIMS, etc can have credit without repeating them. Added section that describes the grading calculations.
07/18/19Changed all documentation deadlines to 48 hours. Added section detailing when students can “double-dip” patient contacts during clinicals.
07/31/19Modified the tuition details to only have payments on the first day, mid-term, and final. Modified grade calculation to include mid-term and final scores. Also added requirement for Platinum Adaptive before final exam.
08/01/19Added photos and bios for EMT instructors.
09/09/19pdfModified the academy course names. Modified the course schedule.
10/02/19pdfUpdated contact and location information for ERs and ambulances for clinical times.
11/11/19Added “People Care” and library reference to curriculum. Added weekly discussion question requirements. Added followup and committee review section to scholarship form. Added test item analysis comments to exam section. Updated ER and ambulance clinical locations. Modified chapter grade entry form to improve instructor completion. Added examination requirements to terminal competency form.
12/05/19Clarified when students are eligible for psychomotor and CBT exams. Clarified Platinum adaptive cumulative testing requirments. Clarified deadline for completion of clinical requirements is at the end of the student’s second semester.
12/27/19Added minimum of 24 ER hours and 48 ambulance hours for clinicals.
08/10/20pdfMoved this section to the online format. Updated faculty. Removed People Care from the curriculum. Updated and simplified grade calcualtion based on EMSTesting website. Updated schedule to 2020 dates.

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