Sub-Section 3-490-52 - EMS 506 (Paramedicine Clinical Experience I) Course

CMH EMS Education Manual


Enrollment in the Paramedic Academy.


72 contact hours - 4 credit hours

Course Description, Goals, and Objectives:

Refer to overall Paramedic Academy description, goals, and objectives in Sub-Section 3-490-02 - Paramedic Academy Goal

This course provides an opportunity for paramedic students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations and patients. Included in this course are assessment skills for critical care hospital patients, respiratory skills in the hospital, and vascular access and medication administration skills for hospital patients.

If the minimum number of patient assessments and skills listed in Sub-Section 3.490.48 - Paramedic Academy Clinical Requirements are not completed by the end of the minimum hours required, additional hours must be scheduled to meet the contact requirements.

Methods of Evaluation:

Refer to Sub-Section 1-560-16 - Student Evaluations and Section 2-520 - Academic Criteria: Grading and Examination Policies.

Competencies Required for Completion:

Topic Outline:

Section Prerequisites Skills Focus Minimum Hours
Same-Day Surgery Complete the Pharmacology and Medication Administration chapters and the Port Access Class IV starts in pre-op 36 hours
Intensive Care Unit Complete the Pharmacology and Medication Administration chapters and the Port Access Class Patient assessments and medication administration 24 hours
Respiratory Therapy Complete respiratory chapter Patient assessments, airway skills, and respiratory skills 12 hours

Surgery Pre-Op / Same-Day Surgery / Endoscopy / Outpatient Radiology:

Intensive Care Unit:

Respiratory Therapy:

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