Sub-Section 3-490-44 - Paramedic Academy Examination and Graduation Requirements

CMH EMS Education Manual

JBLearning website will be used for A&P tests.

EMSTesting website through Platinum Education will be used for Paramedic tests, Paramedic exams, and A&P exams. Test reliability and descrimination will be completed on every chapter test and formally completed on every exam. Refer to Sub-Section 1-560-24 - High Stakes Exam Analysis for more details.

EMSTesting website through Platinum Education will also be used for gradebook calculations. Refer to Sub-Section 3-490-40 - Paramedic Academy Grade Calculation for details.

Course Completion Requirements

ALL of the following must be completed for successful completion of each course and to be eligible to progress to the next course. Additionally, all requirements of Sub-Section 3-490-38 - Paramedic Academy Academic Progress will also be enforced to progress to the next course.

Academy Graduation Requirements

NREMT Psychomotor Exam: Early eligibility to take the psychomotor exam will be granted upon successful completion of the following no earlier than the end of the third trimester and successful completion of EMS 521:

NREMT Computer-Based Test: Eligibility to take the computer-based test will be granted upon successful completion of the following:

Change Log:

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Description of change
10/31/20Moved online.
12/23/21pdfRemoved A&P.
02/24/22pdfDetails added of using JBLearning for A&P tests, learning journal participation, bellwork participation, fast5 participation, and exit ticket participation.
08/26/22pdfAdded the 1000 minimum hour requirement before being eligible to take the NREMT CBT.

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