Sub-Section 3-490-66 - EMS 526 (Paramedicine Field Experience) Course

CMH EMS Education Manual


Successful completion of Sub-Section 3-490-60 - EMS 516 (Paramedicine Clinical Experience II) Course.


100 contact hours - 6 credit hours

Course Description, Goals, and Objectives:

Refer to overall Paramedic Academy description, goals, and objectives in Sub-Section 3-490-02 - Paramedic Academy Goal

This course provides an opportunity for paramedic students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations and patients. Included in this course are assessment and treatment skills for obstetrics and pediatric patients. Additionally, assessment and treatment of pre-hospital patients are included in this course.

If the minimum number of patient assessments and skills listed in Sub-Section 3.490.48 - Paramedic Academy Clinical Requirements are not completed by the end of the minimum hours required, additional hours must be scheduled to meet the contact requirements.

Methods of Evaluation:

Refer to Sub-Section 1-560-16 - Student Evaluations and Section 2-520 - Academic Criteria: Grading and Examination Policies.

Competencies Required for Completion:

Topic Outline:

Section Prerequisites Skills Focus Minimum Hours
Air Ambulance Successfully complete EMS 516 and successfully complete ACLS course Patient assessments and critical care procedures 0 hours (12 hours max)
Ground Ambulance Successfully complete EMS 516 and successfully complete ACLS course Patient and scene management 100 hours

Transfer Explanation:

In order for an interfacility transfer to be documented as a patient contact in the field experience or field internship courses, the patient must be transferred to a higher level of care requiring assessment and may require emergency care.

Air Ambulance:

Ground Ambulance:

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