Section 2-160 - Course Fees

CMH EMS Education Manual

Course fees will be established and published with course announcements or with a link to the detailed fees below. At a minimum, 50% of course fees will be due by the first day of class.

Refund information can be found in Section 2-200 - Refund Policy.

Payments can be made by:

VA Delayed Payment Compliance:

Academy Courses

Course Name Application Fee Tuition (in addition to application fee)
EMR for Law Enforcement @ Drury University None in addition to Drury fees
EMR (courses provided at request of local fire/rescue agencies) $0 Textbooks are typically supplied by hosting fire/rescue agency
EMT $50 $750 (see See Sub-Section 3-350-28 - EMT Academy Tuition Details)
Paramedic $100 $5,600 (see See Sub-Section 3-490-16 - Paramedic Academy Tuition Details)
Community Paramedic $50 $300 (see See Sub-Section 3-630-15 - Community Paramedic Academy Tuition Details)
EMS Educator $20 $80 (or purchase textbook on your own)

National Association of EMTs Courses with Supplied Textbook

NAEMT Textbook Note: NAEMT courses are free to attend if the book is returned in good condition at the end of the course. Textbooks can be picked up at the time of registration for class. If the textbook is not returned, is damaged, or if the students wants to purchase the textbook, the fees are below

Course Name Textbook Fee
AHDR $40 (or purchase textbook on your own)
AMLS $80 (or purchase textbook on your own)
EMS Safety $40 (or purchase textbook on your own)
EVOS (includes TIMS) $50 (or purchase textbook on your own)
GEMS $90 (or purchase textbook on your own)
Refresher is available on day 2
$80 (or purchase textbook on your own)
PTEP NA (no textbook)
TECC $40 (or purchase textbook on your own)

Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
08/17/16pdfAdded comment that 50% of course fees are due the first day of class.
10/20/16Added specific course fees for offered courses.
01/29/17pdfAdded course fees for paramedic and refresher courses.
05/01/17pdfUpdated course fees with discounts for partner and volunteer agencies.
07/20/17pdfAdded minimum and maximum class sizes and added First Aid class.
09/01/17Updated course fees.
10/14/17Updated course fees with NAEMT tactical courses and aligned AHA fees with CMH Ed Services.
11/28/17Added provision for Cox employees to attend NAEMT courses at the same cost as CMH employees.
12/01/17Added EVOS and TIMS. Lowered costs for refresher classes to be competitive.
12/28/17Added Ellett employees to CMH and Cox for discounts. Reduced paramedic refresher costs.
03/16/18pdfUpdated course fees so EMR is just the cost of the textbook.
03/27/18Added info on where application fees and tuition fees are sent and billed.
04/11/19pdfUpdated the new name for the Safety Seminar.
07/17/19Changed document number from 4-160 to 2-160
07/17/19pdfUpdated course fees based on the FY18-19 expenses and number of classroom hours. All expenses divided by all hours was between $9 and $10.
08/21/20pdfMoved this section to the online format. Added spot for AHA courses, but no fees calculated, yet.
09/03/20Updated course fees based on 2020 costs.
09/03/20Moved online.
01/22/21pdfAdded fee schedule for BLS where fire rescue agency supplies the book. Also added Cedar Co fire rescue gets BLS for free.
03/26/21pdfRemoved the Life Support Competency. Added content from Sub-Section 2-160-50 - VA Delayed Payment Compliance and removed that section.
04/13/21pdfUpdated course options and some fees. Removed AHA courses available to CMH employees and reduced several course fees.
07/08/21pdfRemoved discounts for Ellett employees at the direction of Ellett CEO
09/14/21pdfAdded fee structure for AMLS. Added links to courses.
12/23/21pdfAdded community paramedic academy tuition.
11/14/22pdfRemoved all non-academy course fees for students that are not keeping their textbooks. Academy fees remain the same.

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