Sub-Section 3-490-40 - Paramedic Academy Grade Calculation

CMH EMS Education Manual

The overall Academy score is calculated using the following table:

Description Percentage of overall grade
EMS 501 33.3%
EMS 511 33.3%
EMS 521 33.3%

Lecture course score calculation

Lecture courses include the following:

Each course score is calucated using the following table:

Description Percentage of course grade
Includes: Simulation Lead, ECG, Pharmacology, JBL
Chapter Tests 25%
Mid-Term Exam 25%
Final Exam 30%
Research Project 10%

Participation scores in ALL categories below must be at least 70% to obtain a "PASS" in each course:

Clinical and field course score calculation

Clinical and field courses include the following:

Each clinical and field course is PASS/FAIL. Obtaining a "FAIL" in any of the clinical or field courses will result in an overall "FAIL" in the Paramedic Academy.

Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
10/31/20Moved online.
02/25/22pdfChanged grade calculations from the 2021 academy to the 2022 academy.

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