Sub-Section 3-490-70 - EMS 536 (Paramedicine Field Internship) Course

CMH EMS Education Manual


Successful completion of ALL classroom, laboratory, and clinical requirements of ALL previous paramedic courses including completion of:


150 contact hours - 9 credit hours

Course Description, Goals, and Objectives:

Refer to overall Paramedic Academy description, goals, and objectives in Sub-Section 3-490-02 - Paramedic Academy Goal

This course serves as the capstone course for the paramedic program. It provides an opportunity for paramedic students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations and patients. Scene and patient assessment and management are developed and tested in this course as the student operates as the ambulance team leader.

If the minimum number of patient assessments and skills listed here and in Sub-Section 3.490.48 - Paramedic Academy Clinical Requirements are not completed by the end of the minimum hours required, additional hours must be scheduled to meet the contact requirements.

Methods of Evaluation:

Refer to Sub-Section 1-560-16 - Student Evaluations and Section 2-520 - Academic Criteria: Grading and Examination Policies.

Competencies Required for Completion:


All requirements for this course must be completed by the end of your fourth trimester.

Terminal Assessments:

At the completion of all the team leader requirements of this course, the student will be required to successfully pass an individual summative program evaluation once approved by his or her mentor. This summative program evaluation includes three components:

  1. At the completion of this course, the mentor must approve the student’s successful completion by completing the mentor final approval form. This approval covers cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains.
  2. Cognitive assessment: Platinum Adaptive Test with the following settings and results:
  3. Psychomotor assessment: Must have passed the NREMT Psychomotor test.
  4. Affective assessment: An evaluation of professional behavior. A "pass" result must be obtained in this pass or fail assessment. The interview will be conducted by one to three evaluators that may include, but not limited to: Medical Director, Program Director, Lead Instructor, Guest Instructors, or Preceptors. Refer to Sub-Section 1-560-16 - Student Evaluations.

Topic Outline:

Section Prerequisites Skills Focus Minimum Hours
Ambulance Team Leader Complete all other classroom, laboratory, and clinical activities. Completed Mentor Approval Form on file. Paramedic students will act as team leader directing an EMT and paramedic 150 hours

Transfer Explanation:

In order for an interfacility transfer to be documented as a patient contact in the field experience or field internship courses, the patient must be transferred to a higher level of care requiring assessment and may require emergency care.

Ambulance Team Leader: