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CMH EMS Education Manual

Section Academy Courses Total Hours
3-070 Continuing Education Courses NA varies
3-140 Life Support Courses NA varies
3-210Emergency Medical Dispatcher Academy
EMS 101Emergency Medical Dispatching Course0 hours
0 hours
3-280Emergency Medical Responder Academy
EMS 201Emergency Medical Response Course59 hours
59 hours
3-315EMR for Law Enforcement Academy
EMS 251Law Enforcement Emergency Medical Response Course40 hours
40 hours
3-350Emergency Medical Technician Academy
EMS 301Emergency Medical Technology Course206 hours
EMS 306Emergency Medical Technology Clinical Experience Course72 hours
278 hours
3-385CMH PHS EMT Internship Academy
EMS 351CMH PHS EMT Internship Course224 hours
EMS 356CMH PHS EMT Internship Clinical Experience Course72 hours
EMS 366CMH PHS EMT Internship Field Experience Course84 hours
380 hours
3-420Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Academy
EMS 401Advanced Emergency Medical Technology Course0 hours
EMS 406Advanced Emergency Medical Technology Clinical Experience Course0 hours
0 hours
3-490Paramedic Academy
EMS 501Paramedicine I Course240 hours
EMS 506Paramedicine Clinical Experience I Course72 hours
EMS 511Paramedicine II Course232 hours
EMS 516Paramedicine Clinical Experience II Course178 hours
EMS 521Paramedicine III Course176 hours
EMS 526Paramedicine Field Experience Course100 hours
EMS 536Paramedicine Field Internship Course150 hours
1148 hours
3-560Critical Care Paramedic Academy
EMS 601Critical Care Paramedicine Course0 hours
EMS 606Critical Care Paramedicine Clinical Experience Course0 hours
0 hours
3-630Community Paramedic Academy
EMS 701Community Paramedicine Course72 hours
EMS 706Community Paramedicine Clinical Experience Course40 hours
112 hours
3-700CMH PHS Employee Onboarding Academy
EMS 801CMH PHS Onboarding Course16 hours
EMS 806CMH PHS Onboarding Field Experience Course84 hours
100 hours
3-735EMS Educator Academy
EMS 850EMS Educator Course40 hours
40 hours
3-770Supervising Paramedic Officer Academy
EMS 901Supervising Paramedic Officer Course0 hours
0 hours
3-840Managing Paramedic Officer Academy
EMS 931Managing Paramedic Officer Course0 hours
0 hours
3-910Executive Paramedic Officer Academy
EMS 961Executive Paramedic Officer Course0 hours
0 hours

Change Log:

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Description of change
01/18/16pdfUpdated all programs with current requirements for clinicals and procedures. Updated FTO program to reflect current program details as approved by EMS director. Updated documents. Added this section to move these documents out of MO BEMS document section. Updated all documents.
07/17/19Changed document number from 6-000 to 3-000
07/17/19Updated all program course numbers to reflect new courses and better coordination.
09/09/19Added a list of academy courses and page number references to the beginning of this section.
08/10/20pdfMoved online
07/08/21pdfAdded EMS Educator link
11/19/21Table is now generated from SQL database of academies and courses. Added CMH PHS EMT Onboarding Academy.

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